Who we are

The Institute for Legal Advice and International Arbitration of Etehad established at 2005. Over the years, it does activities about the laws in the country. As a law adviser, it represented many different services to real and legal persons. This institue has lawyers and experts in law in different fields that are ready to present services to individuals or companies want to do  either an investigation in Iran or make an agreement to iranian companies that have no information about the rules. The services include legal consultancy about the laws and priciples between employee and epmployer, investigation law, tax laws, Customs Law, Company registration rules and the rules of ownership of property. In addition it includes negotiating services to iranian to make an agreement and to do all the correspondence. Also, our services include following up legal issues in the Iranian judiciary and courts and we are ready to accept the foreign legal cases which need to follow up in Iran.  


Our Services

Practice Area

  • Litigation


    The Litigation Community provides a forum for Law Etehad law firm attorneys who have experience handling a wide variety of law practice area, focusing both on complex commercial litigation and resolution of commercial disputes.   The Litigation Community fosters referrals and provides a forum for members to discuss best litigation practices, business development tips as well as case law through conference calls and a dedicated listserv. We welcome requests from Litigation Community members for subjects to be explored in greater depth for shared interests.  

  • Business law

    Business law

    The Business Law Community serves Law Etehad law firm attorneys who work in structuring, negotiating and documenting key transactions in the life of a business. The Community fosters referrals and information-sharing of both jurisdiction-specific expertise and border-spanning expertise.

  • Commercial law

    Commercial law

    Our practice in the field of commercial law covers a comprehensive and wide variety of services including not only drafting contracts in various fields such as agency, distribution, sale, import and export, shareholder agreements , licensing ,franchising , custom matters and other commercial transactions and issues , but also handling the commercial disputes in court and arbitration centers and advisory in all fields of commercial law.

  • Corporate law

    Corporate law

    If you are a foreign investor and wish to incorporate a company in Iran, the good news is that you can now hold 100% ownership of shares in the company. The other good news is that our team members are prepared to provide you with a-z legal services required for company formation and registration in Iran. From preparing your internal bylaws and Articles of Association and registering your company before Companies Registration Office to obtaining Economic Code and Value Added Tax Code to enable continuing of your company’ activities in Iran  

  • Criminal law

    Criminal law

    As more and more criminalizing laws and regulations are being enacted by the Iranian legislature, the need for advice on criminal law related issues grow. It is not only litigation in court cases where our clients need criminal law assistance of our attorneys, but also the necessity to understand potential criminal liabilities arising out of your activities on the on hand and protecting your rights against criminal actions and infringements of others on the other hand renders criminal legal advice necessary in many cases before even any dispute arises.

  • Insurance law

    Insurance law

    Not only do we provide advise on insurance policies and handle your insurance claims, but also helping clients who are in the business of insurance is an insurance legal service on top of our agenda. Foreign investors willing to enter Iranian insurance market through partnership with local insurance companies, acquiring shares of local insurance companies or establishment and operation of branches of foreign insurance companies can benefit from our professional assistance in all legal aspects of insurance and re-insurance business.  

  • Labor law

    Labor law

    Our services cover the full spectrum of labor law issues, from drafting and reviewing employment contracts, advising on employment regulations and formalities, obtaining work permits for foreign nationals and ensuring compliance with all labor law requirements. A large number of our clients are foreign companies who need to know about foreign employment and labor law issues that may affect their business in Iran. Matching our services to their needs we assist them through the process of obtaining work permit for foreign nationals, help them reduce risks of labor-related complaints, advise them on employment arrangement and contract and provide them with any other labor law -related services.  

  • Conract law

    Conract law

    Contract law is the body of law that relates to making and enforcing agreements. A contract is an agreement that a party can turn to a court to enforce. Contract law is the area of law that governs making contracts, carrying them out and fashioning a fair remedy when there’s a breach. Anyone who conducts business uses contract law. Both companies and consumers use contracts when they buy and sell goods, when they license products or activities, for employment agreements, for insurance agreements and more. Contracts make these transactions happen smoothly and without any misunderstandings. They allow parties to conduct their affairs confidently. Contracts help make sure that the parties to a transaction are clear on its terms  

  • Arbitration


    The major role played by arbitration as a dispute resolution method in today’s business climate is undeniable. Recognizing the necessity to resolve international commercial disputes through arbitration and other dispute settlement methods such as negotiation, mediation and conciliation, our team members provide preventive legal services to avoid legal problems on the one hand, and offer wining strategies during the process of arbitration. Our deep knowledge of Arbitration laws and regulation, Arbitration institutions and their structures in Iran and methods and challenges in the way of Arbitration awards enforcement which has been enhanced through experience and practice will help our clients make a difference in the outcome of the dispute.  

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